The Activiti project is driven by the community, but we need the support of enterprises to be able to provide the high level of support you've come to expect from our community. Whether you're looking for consulting expertise, development support, or product support, you'll be happy to know that we have preferred partners that can assist you - from small-scale to large-scale Business Process Management initiatives.

BP3 and Edorasware are deeply committed to the Activiti open source project and its community. On top of contributing to Activiti, they are also providing enterprise support packages for Activiti - BP3 in North America, and Edorasware in Europe. Please contact them directly for details.

Alfresco Activiti


Alfresco, as the founder and primary sponsor of the Activiti project, offers support on Activiti standalone as well as its integration in Alfresco One. Alfresco is a global software company providing Enterprise Content Management solutions. Contact Alfresco here.




Based in Austin, Texas, BP3 is about accelerating business and innovation by simplifying processes and workflows.

They are industry experts in BPM, with extensive experience deploying BPM in the Fortune 500 across a number of industries. BP3 has successfully created, deployed, and measured business process improvements and solutions in the most challenging environments. BP3's focus on innovation in BPM extends to mobile BPM frameworks and cloud deployments of BPM solutions.

BP3's BP Labs group is responsible for providing development and enterprise support to Activiti BPM customers, and for contributing to the Activiti BPM development effort.




Edorasware offers a leading Enterprise Work Management platform called edoras one that combines Adaptive Case Management (ACM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

By allowing structured and unstructured processes to be managed on the same platform, edorasware makes it possible for processes and work organisation to be continually adjusted and improved. By using short feedback cycles as well as the “Design by Doing” approach, organizations can quickly benefit from their own ideas about how to improve their daily work.

Edoras one is based on edoras gear, an extension to the Activiti BPMN 2 engine, adding case management capabilities and other features to the process engine of Activiti.

Support partners